Own registered patent

The 45 auto active light-on function is a patented and exclusive technology of ROMAGO design swiss. And is patented under no. Hk1109705.
The watch is equipped with the new custom-made auto-active movement; with the built-in sensor, the mirror disappears when watch on the wrist moves To 45 degree inward and hold position for 1 second. Light will be on for 5 second before it goes off. In other word, the mirror face changes to time display immediately after rotating the watch inward to 45.




Superleggera: (translation: super light) is an automobile coachwork construction technology developed by Felice Bianchi Anderloni of Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring. Aside from light weight, the superleggera construction system allows great design and manufacturing flexibility, enabling coachbuilders to quickly construct innovative body shapes. The superleggera system was primarily based on the use of 'Duraluminium', a material that being used prior to World War I.

Duracouche ®: An advanced electroplate technology being used in our Superleggera Series, create a wide range of eye- catching colors and unique gloss finish. The unique ceramication technology of the aluminum surface exhibits the color shinier and richer, the color and appearance could be comparable to the real ceramics. The weight of the aluminum watches is much lighter than watches in other materials. High thickness anode electroplating coating greatly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the watch case and strap, finger print resistance and very easy to clean, The anodizing aluminum surface does not contain nickel and chrome and will not cause skin sensitivity.