Own registered patent

The 45 auto active light-on function is a patented and exclusive technology of ROMAGO design swiss. And is patented under no. Hk1109705.
The watch is equipped with the new custom-made auto-active movement; with the built-in sensor, the mirror disappears when watch on the wrist moves To 45 degree inward and hold position for 1 second. Light will be on for 5 second before it goes off. In other word, the mirror face changes to time display immediately after rotating the watch inward to 45.


Luxury series

Trendy stainless steel bracelet like a straight road leading to the expansive 48-studded Swarovski crystal case, with Roman numerals top-ring and 3-9 glitter crystal formed numbers show on a corrosion chrysanthemum pattern surface, showing more wisdom and sense of fashion, delivered a healthy, optimistic, active pursuit of dream metropolis personality.