Own registered patent

The 45 auto active light-on function is a patented and exclusive technology of ROMAGO design swiss. And is patented under no. Hk1109705.
The watch is equipped with the new custom-made auto-active movement; with the built-in sensor, the mirror disappears when watch on the wrist moves To 45 degree inward and hold position for 1 second. Light will be on for 5 second before it goes off. In other word, the mirror face changes to time display immediately after rotating the watch inward to 45.


Starlet series

Bright and colorfulgems modernly assembled! Four different style of colors formed byrefraction as if a dazzling white light, turnedinto different colored stones, gathered flashing on the dial and the case, full of twinkle littlestar, as this season's luxury fashion accessories, adding a sense of sweetness